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Drums and Cylinders


Technical data for „C+S Safety – drum for Hydrogen-chloride-gas“

The C+S safety container for hydrogen chloride gas has a unique and patented safety feature: two solid emergency caps. In case of a valve leakage an emergency cap is seated down on the safety container and is bolted to the flange of the leaking valve. The gas-tight sealed container can be easily transferred back to our filling site where we will prevent further leakage by controlled emptying the gas container. The emergency caps can be mounted within a few minutes and are gas tight up to 150 bar. With the help of our emergency caps there is no further need for a heavy emergency containment unit in case of a valve leakage. The additional standard transport caps can be mounted with two screws.

Our normal transport lid is saved with 2 screws.

The C+S safety Drum has the following dimensions

Liter / Volume 990 Liter

Length 2160 mm

Diameter Ø 900 mm

Hight* 1120 mm

* Hight incl. transport palett

Tare weight drum 1132 kg

Tare weight palett 108 kg

Total net weight 1240 kg

Net weight HCl gas 660 kg

Total gross weight 1900 kg

Valve connection incl. transport palett

Taking gassy ( top) 890 mm

Taking liquid (down) 450 mm